Islamabad Girl and Boy Original Viral Video by Usman Mirza Arrested | Watch Video

ISLAMABAD Girl and Boy Original Viral Video released by Usman Mirza and now Arrested for Extortion and Blackmailing the Couple  

Islamabad Girl and Boy Original Viral Video by Usman Mirza Arrested Watch Video
Usman Mirza arrested by Islamabad Police and suspected 

  • Islamabad police inform Senate Standing Committee on Interior on attack case.
  • Police say video recorded in November 2020; case enlisted after it turned into a web sensation.
  • Casualties need to stay under the radar, we can't drive them into anything, police say.

The attacked two or three was coerced and the suspects took steps to kill them, Islamabad police said Wednesday, as they featured that the men had blackmailed Rs1.1 million from the people in question.


The Islamabad police authorities offered the expression during an appearance before the Senate Standing Committee on Interior, where they uncovered that the casualties needed to keep a position of safety and had dismissed the proposal to get security staff for their assurance.


The council's executive, Mohsin Aziz, asked what moves were made up until this point; for what reason weren't steps taken to keep it from turning into a web sensation, and usman mirza viral video is the video longer than five minutes?


Reacting to the inquiries, police authorities said the usman mirza islamabad viral video was recorded in November 2020, yet when it became a web sensation, an argument was enlisted against the suspects.


"We have followed the people in question, and they need to stay under the radar. In their assertion, they had educated us that the presumes had blackmailed cash from them," authorities said.


Regardless of mentioning them to be relegated with safety officers, they rejected, police said, adding that the casualties can't be constrained. "We even offered to give security of casually dressed security staff, yet they declined."


Police said they had seven to eight individuals in authority. The principle suspect and two video-creators have been captured, while a police group was shipped off a territory to capture the excess suspects.


The board was educated that no regarding viral video of usman mirza different casualties was found so far through the legal review of the presumes' cell phones.


Further, they said the fundamental suspect is supposedly rich and has political associations. in the investigations revealed that he is not that well-connected. Usman Mirza just wants to be famous.


The people in question, in their assertion to the police, said that they were locked in, as per the authorities.


In the mean time, DIG Islamabad educated the advisory group that segments, which may prompt life detainment or demise, have been included the principal data report (FIR).


He further said that under the counter assault law, an exceptional joint group has been set up, which will lead in-camera examinations.


During the gathering, Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Hamza Shafqaat said that an examination was being completed into the situation of a wielded a man weapon at D-Chowk.


The agent magistrate said that as per the primer examination, the man isn't intellectually fit, in any case, a clinical board will have the last say.


Another lady says she was annoyed by Mirza


A day sooner, another survivor of Autoland co-proprietor Usman Mirza had made some noise, saying the primary suspect of the Islamabad attack case had badgering and coerced her.


Mirza has been captured by the Islamabad police alongside his six assistants for bothering and attacking a youthful couple in Islamabad. He supposedly has a background marked by bugging ladies.


Usman Mirza had been irritating me for a long while," a lady from Rawalpindi revealed to Geo News. "Usman Mirza sent me at my residence and versatile number through social media.


Islamabad couple 'shot in presence of 14 individuals for 2.5 hours', police tells court


The Islamabad couple who were exposed to badgering and torment by a property seller and his associates were recorded for 2.5 hours, the government capital's police told a court on Tuesday.


Three individuals shot the attack within the sight of 14 individuals, the police added.


The police's assertion came during the knowing about the Sector E-11 attack case at a District and Sessions Court in Islamabad.


The police told the court they had enlisted a different body of evidence against the primary suspect, property seller Usman Mirza, after they had recuperated a gun from him, at the I-9 police headquarters.


Police add more areas to FIR


Two days sooner, during court procedures, Islamabad police had said that they had enlisted charges of blackmail and assault, among others, against the suspects.


Delegate Inspector General (DIG) Operations Afzal Ahmad Kausar, tending to a public interview yesterday, said that the couple, in their composed assertion, referenced that the presumes had physically mishandled them.


The new charges brought against the suspects incorporate Sections 375-A, 375-D, 384, 342, 114, 395, 496-A, and 377-B of the Pakistan Penal Code, The Express Tribune announced, refering to DIG Kausar.


On June 8, Prime Minister Imran Khan considered an online media video of a couple being badgering. The upsetting video kicked up shock via online media with #ArrestUsmanMirza becoming one of the top patterns on Twitter.


In the disrupting video, Mirza can be seen fiercely whipping and bugging the youthful couple in a room brimming with different men.

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