Sania Ashiq Original Video Gone Viral | Must Watch Reality and her Reaction

Who is Sania Aashiq? Watch the leaked footage video of MPA Sania Ashiq and Maryam Nawaz went viral on the internet! Check out the wiki bio


Sania Ashiq Video Gone Viral Watch Online
leaked footage video of MPA Sania Ashiq

A pornographic video from Pakistan has been shared many times, due to which everyone is trolling Sania Ashiq. So, this is a big name for this video. The video has already gone viral on several social media platforms. Let us tell you that the video in which a girl is seen without clothes is not appropriate. After the video caught the eye of several people, they started accusing Sania of appearing in the leaked footage of Maryam Nawaz. No official statement has been issued yet, but Netizen alleges the girl is Sania. So, the truth behind this rude video is stated here and scrolls down to know the details.


How did Sania Ashiq Jabeen's video get leaked and went viral?


Therefore, Sania Ashiq Jabeen has been a member of Punjab Assembly (MPA) since 2018 and leader of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N). Currently, his leaked video has gone viral on social media, and he has faced many obstacles and scandals.

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Not everyone blames him, but some do. There are many people who believe that they are not in Maryam Nawaz Leak footage and the girl who looks is just like her shape. Also, there is no information about the person who recorded the video.

Sania Ashiq Original Video Gone Viral overnight on Internet 

Currently, Sania has not yet responded to the controversy. Her wiki said that she was born in Lahore, Pakistan. Later, he obtained the degree of Pharmacy-D (Doctor of Pharmacy) from Punjab University. When she completed her education, she was elected to the Punjab Provincial Assembly as a lawyer for the PML-N.


Sania Aashiq wiki bio, age, and leaked video

Let me also tell you that she became the youngest member of the Punjab Assembly to be elected in the 2018 general elections. She succeeded at the age of 25 because she was born in March 1993.


There is a lot of news that is coming out in front of everyone and many people have allegedly made allegations in such circumstances. The recently leaked video of Mohammad Zubair also caused a sensation on the internet but he denied his involvement in the video.

sania ashiq pmln leaked video who is involved in full leak video zubair umar?

For now, Sania has not commented on the situation and people are waiting for an explanation. We know that this moment in Sania's life is not easy to handle but if the video is tampered with she will definitely talk. The latest information on this incident will be provided here.


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